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  • Dogs regulation
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    Dogs regulation

Dog Regulations

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1. Please inform the Camping Manager if you wish to bring a pet with you by confirming it before the booking process.

2. The pet’s pass must be authorized by the Camping Manager

3. Before check-in, the owner must be in possession of the pet’s vaccinations certificate

4. Outside owner’s Camping area, the pet must be on leash and muzzle (except for small pets)

5. Remember to bring the pet outside the Camping area for walks. Please clean afterwards

6. Pets are not allowed to enter the public facilities, children's playground, parking car and bungalows

7. Pets are not allowed to use the public toilets, showers and sinks. An exclusive area dedicated to dog washing is available inside the campsite

8. Please make sure that your pet stays inside your Camping area, and refrains from disturbing other people

9. Please make sure that your pet is well trained and able to stay in quiet areas. Camping Management may dismiss any pet that doesn’t behave (e.g. constantly barking)

10. The pet owner is responsible for any eventual damage done by the pet to persons and properties

11. Only two pets per customer

12. The pet owner is not allowed to leave the pet alone in the Camping area

13. Please be aware that some pet breeds are not permitted on the Camping Site. Please contact the Camping Manager before booking

14. There are two types of pet fees - a fee for a seasonal customers and a fee for the occasional customers

15. The Camping Manager reserves the right to dismiss at any time, the pet owners that don’t comply with the above rules

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